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SiMedia srl
Zona Artigianale 12
I-39039 Villabassa
South Tyrol - Italy

Contact person: Reinhold Sieder

Tel.: +39 0474 741000
Website: www.SiMedia.com
E-Mail: info@SiMedia.com

VAT ID IT02365710215
Chamber of Commerce Bolzano 02365710215 - REA nr. BZ-173841
Capital stock Euro 10.000,00 fully paid
PEC-Mail: internetagency.simedia@pec.it - Recipient code: T04ZHR3
Additional information: Sending a PEC e-mail is only possible via a PEC address. When sending an e-mail via a certified mailbox, the sender receives a message whether the message was sent successfully or not. If the e-mail arrives at the recipient, the sender again receives a message confirming whether the message has arrived at the recipient.
An e-mail from a normal mailbox to a certified mailbox is not possible. The certified mailbox does not accept the e-mail and sends back an error message by means of a mailer daemon.

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